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Scientific Name (Binomial name) : Erythrura gouldiae
Native to : Northern parts of Australia, including the Nothern Territory

The Gouldian Finch is a brightly colored grass finch native to the country of Australia. It has also been called Lady Gould, Gouldian, Gould's Finch, and the Lady Gouldian Finch. Their natural habitat includes the northern regions of Australia in the Northern Territory. The bird was named after the 19th-century ornithologist John Gould.

They are considered to be rare and endangered in the wild, yet their popularity with bird fanciers and pet owners is increasing.

They come in three main colorings, with a black head, red head, or a yellow head.

Because of their beautiful colors and placid natures, the Gouldian finch has become a very popular avery bird. Birdkeepers around the world breed the Lady Gouldian. They have developed a large variety of mutated colors that include White breasted Gouldians, Yellow-bodied Gouldians, Blue-bodied Gouldians, and many more variations.

The male Gouldian finch can be identified by the more intense colors and slightly bigger body. The nestlings or younger Gouldians can be identified by their dull green coloring.

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Gouldian Finches photos
Gouldian Finch photo
Gouldian Finch photos

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