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Australian Flag - National Flag of Australia

The flag of Australia was designed after a competition was held with more than 30,000 entries submitted. In January 1901 it was chosen to represent the Commonwealth of Australia. It wasn't until as late as 1954 that it received Royal assent and was officially recognized as the flag to represent the country, with the Flags Act 1953.

Australian Flag

It consists of three colors (red, white, and blue) and three major components.

The most obvious feature of the Australian flag is the Union Jack in the upper left hand corner, representing the close ties the country has with Great Britain.

The large star below the Union Jack is the Commonwealth Star or Star of Federation. It has seven points to represent the six states and territories of the Commonwealth.

The five stars taking up the whole right hand side of the flag represents the Southern Cross. The constellation has long been a symbol of the country because of its position in the southern hemisphere.

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