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Paul Kelly photosPaul Kelly is a famous Australian folk and rock singer.

Kelly was born in Adelaide, South Australia as one of nine children.

Paul Kelly has played with several groups throughout his career, including "Paul Kelly and The Dots", "Paul Kelly and The Coloured Girls", "Paul Kelly and the Messengers", and as a solo artist.

Famous Paul Kelly Quotes about life..

  • Music works on deeper levels than what the words are saying, or they speak to us secretly.
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  • I've never really understood why people separate the physical and the spiritual world. Or talk in terms of the head and the heart. I've always found those kind of lines a little strange. I mean I always thought you think feelingly, and you feel intelligently (or dumbly as the case may be) but those kind of lines have always been blurred for me.
    Paul Kelly Quote
  • I'm still always buying new records or hearing something on the radio and thinking oh what's that, that's great, and going and getting that. That's probably because it's my job as well, so I'm naturally interested in it all the time. That's the way music's always worked for me, songs come along or pieces of music at different times and just stop you in your tracks, transform you. And it's why I started to make music, because I wanted to grab a little bit of that power.
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Born / Birthday : 13th of January, 1955
Name : Paul Maurice Kelly
Famous for : Songwriting skills and singing folk, rock and country influenced songs.
Lives : Australia

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