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Daniel Johns photosDaniel Johns is the lead singer of the internationally renowned band from Newcastle, Silverchair. He is also a member of "The Dissociatives" which is an experimental music group with Johns and Paul Mac as members.

Daniel Johns was born in Newcastle, New South Wales.

Johns and Silverchair members Ben Gillies and Chris Joannou grew together. They formed their first band called the "Innocent Criminals" when they were just eleven years old.

Daniel Johns was married to the model, actress and singer Natalie Imbruglia. The celebrity couple seperated early in 2009, stating that "We have simply grown apart through not being able to spend enough time together."

Silverchair albums released include "Frogstomp" of 1995, "Freak Show" of 1997, "Neon Ballroom" of 1999, "Diorama" from 2002, and "Young Modern" in 2007.

Famous Daniel Johns Quotes about life..

  • It's fine to read a bad review if it's obvious they have listened to it and they're not just being vindictive.
    Daniel Johns Quote
  • We’ve never been the kind of group that's the hippest band to like.. we’ve never been the band of the moment. I feel like we’re the sort of band that’s constantly avoiding having an identity, as opposed to searching for one. I’ve never tried to find that Silverchair sound.. ever. I don’t ever want to have a musical identity. I just want it to keep changing.
    Daniel Johns Quote
  • When you get sick like that, it puts everything into perspective and makes something like being a celebrity who’s married to another celebrity and gets ‘paparazzied’ or whatever it is you call it, seem like a pretty minimal kind of problem.
    Daniel Johns Quote
  • I’ve always been trying to escape the perception of us being the teen grunge sensations from Down Under.
    Daniel Johns Quote
  • It's just ridiculous. I never had it that much until I married Natalie Imbruglia and we moved to London. The first eighteen months was like, "You're kidding?" You'd just be getting a coffee and photos would end up in New Weekly or something. It's weird, because you never agreed to being in these magazines. I hate the idea that you don't have to approve these things. (Daniel Johns talking about the paparazzi)
    Daniel Johns Quotes

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Daniel Johns photos
Daniel Johns photos
Daniel Johns and Natalie Imbruglia

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Born / Birthday : 22nd of April, 1979
Name : Daniel Paul Johns
Famous for : Being the lead singer of the Newcastle band "Silverchair" and for his part in "The Dissociatives" group.
Birthplace : Newcastle, New South Wales
Lives : Australia

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