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Missy Higgins photosMissy Higgins is a famous Australian pop and indie singer and songwriter that came to prominence after winning the Triple J Unearthed competition.

Higgins was born in Melbourne, Victoria as one of three children.

Higgins is a supporter of animal rights and has appeared in a campaign by PETA, the animal rights group. She is also a vegetarian.

"The Sound of White" album was released in 2006 and "On a Clear Night" was released in 2007.

Famous Missy Higgins Quotes about life..

  • I didn't really have the chance to form the longing for a real record deal. Before I knew it, I had one and didn't really have time to build a hunger for it. At the time, everybody else was just putting in uni preferences.
    Missy Higgins Quote
  • They keep telling me how different the American market is to the Australian market and I'm beginning to realize how different it is. You really have to fit into a radio category because they're so defined all the radio stations that it seems really difficult to break in. The latest Silverchair record they found really hard to accept and that was such a brilliant album I thought! But I don't know, I don't really care. I'd much rather be successful over here than in America.
    Missy Higgins Quote
  • I aim to be an honest songwriter. But there's certain things I don't want people to know about me. Everyone wants to keep some part of themselves hidden, otherwise you're just giving your heart to the world.
    Missy Higgins Quote
  • Sometimes I realize with something I've written that people will know exactly what I'm talking about. I'll then change it to say something slightly more vague which could be interpreted three ways instead of one.
    Missy Higgins Quote
  • I wish I had a flower name, like Rosie or Violet or Daisy. It's so cute! I'm going to call my kids all flower names!
    Missy Higgins Quotes

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Born / Birthday : 19th of August, 1983
Name : Melissa Morrison Higgins
Famous for : Songwriting skills, for being a vegetarian, and for winning the Triple J Unearthed competition.
Birthplace : Melbourne, Victoria
Lives : Australia

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