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Name of Australian Territory : Australian Capital Territory
Abbreviation : ACT
Capital City of the ACT : Canberra (founded in 1908)
ACT Size : 2,358 square kilometers or 910 square miles

Australian Capital Territory Map - ACT

Located near Sydney in the eastern state of NSW, is the Australian Capital Territory. The ACT is the 8th largest state or territory by land area and is ranked the 7th largest by population in Australia.

ACT State Flag Flag of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT Flag)
ACT coat of arms Coat of Arms of the City of Canberra

Australian Capital Territory Emblems

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Below is a listing of Australian states and territories.

  • Australian Capital Territory (ACT) - Located near Sydney in the eastern state of NSW, is the capital territory of Australia. The Capital City is Canberra.
  • New South Wales (NSW) - The eastern state of NSW is the state with the largest population in Australia. The Capital city of New South Wales is Sydney.
  • Northern Territory (NT) - Located in the central north of Australia is the federal territory of the Northern Territory. The capital city of NT is Darwin.
  • Queensland (QLD) - QLD is a state located in the north east of Australia. The capital city of Queensland is Brisbane.
  • South Australia (SA) - The state of South Australia is located in the central south of Australia. The capital city of SA is Adelaide.
  • Tasmania (TAS) - Tasmania is an Australian state located below Victoria, about 200 kilometers or 125 miles from the mainland of Australia. The capital city of Tasmania is Hobart.
  • Victoria (VIC) - State located in the south east of Australia. The capital city of Victoria is Melbourne.
  • Western Australia (WA) - The state of Western Australia covers the whole of the west of Australia, with the largest land area of all the states and territories. The capital city of WA is Perth.


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