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Coat of Arms of South Australia

Australian Coats of Arms - Coat of Arms of South Australia

Coat of Arms of South Australia
South Australian Coats of Arms Designed by : William Applegate Gullick
Name of Australian State : South Australia
Abbreviation : SA
Capital City of SA : Adelaide (founded in 1836)
SA Size : 1,043,514 square kilometers or 402,903 square miles

Coat of Arms of South Australia

The blue shield with a yellow, sun-like circle in the center of it, has a Piping Shrike or Australian Magpie which is also the South Australian bird emblem. Sturt's Desert Peas sit in the position of the crest, above a wreath of red, blue and gold (the state colors).

The official Blazon or description of the South Australia Coat of Arms;
"For Arms, Azure on the rising sun depicted as a roundel Or an Australian Piping Shrike displayed and standing on the staff of a Gum Tree proper and for the Crest on a wreath Or Azure and Gules Four sprigs of Sturt's Desert Pea proper the Shield upon a Compartment comprising A grassy mount and in front of two Vines growing therefrom each entwining their stakes proper on either side thereof stalks of Wheat and Barley and the dexter side scattered with Citrus Fruits and lying on the sinister side two Cog Wheels with between them a Miner's Pick also proper together with on a Scroll the name "South Australia".

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Australian Coat of Arms - South Australian State
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