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Floral Emblems of Australia - State Flower Emblems

Below is a listing of flower emblems for the state and territories for the country of Australia. The official floral emblem for the country of Australia is the Golden Wattle or Acacia pycnantha.

  • Cooktown Orchid - (Dendrobium phalaenopsis) The purple flowering Cooktown orchid from Northern Queensland is the floral emblem for Queensland (Qld).
  • Royal Bluebell - (Wahlenbergia gloriosa) The Royal Bluebell or Wahlenbergia gloriosa is the floral emblem of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).
  • Sturt's Desert Rose - (Gossypium sturtianum) The Sturt's Desert Rose is the native flower emblem of the Northern Territory (NT) and is native throughout central Australia.
  • Waratah - (Telopea speciosissima) The Waratah or Telopea speciosissima is the floral emblem of New South Wales (NSW).

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