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Scientific Name x 5 : Telopea speciosissima (New South Wales Waratah), Telopea aspera (New England Waratah), Telopea mongaensis (Monga Waratah), Telopea oreades (Victorian Waratah), and Telopea truncata (Tasmanian Waratah).
Native to : Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Tasmania and Victoria

The Waratah is a from the Telopea genus of the Proteaceae family. There are five species of Waratah growing in different regions down most of the east of Australia.

The New South Wales Waratah or Telopea speciosissima is the floral emblem for the state of New South Wales.

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NSW Waratah flower photo

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The Waratah is the floral emblem of the state of New South Wales.
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